The Computer Vision Laboratory (CV Lab) at the University of Sassari has a long-standing experience in Image Understanding and Pattern Recognition applied to several domains,including security, medical and robotics applications. Many aspects of visual sensing have been studied, particularly in the area of active and dynamic scene analysis, 3D reconstruction and multimodal identity
recognition.The research staff has been working in the field for almost 20 years with a high level of excellence. The CV Lab has been involved in several National and European research projects. Among them, CV Lab is a leading partner of the BIOSECURE European Network of Excellence. The key personnel at CV Lab has been also heading several research projects in the past Framework Programmes. CV Lab has strong skills in the field of biometric analysis and related topics. Briefly, the research carried out covered the following aspects:

  • Exploiting active vision in face authentication and recognition.

  • Development of applications, such as for improving security of banking systems and access control in restricted areas

  • Assessment of face-based authentication/recognition techniques based on statistical analysis.

  • Fusion and integration of multiple algorithms for multimodal authentication.

  • Template management and subject-based template characterization.

CV Lab has been the organizer of the first and second workshop on biometric authentication held in conjunction with the European Conference on Computer Vision in 1998 and 2002, respectively. CV Lab organized the 5th Int.l IEEE AutoId Workshop and is the permanent organizer of the International Summer School for Advaced Studies in Biometrics.