The DESCTOP Project

Many surveys demonstrated that the ability of human decision may be not optimal when the decision-making context is complex. Since the quality of human decision could be of paramount importance, there have been many disciplines, including statistics, economics and operational research, focused on providing a support to decision-making process. These searches have been then supplemented by studies conducted in the field of information science, artificial intelligence and cognitive psychology. From this set of studies, it has been possible to develop information systems able to support decision-making process.
These systems support human decisions and, therefore, are called Decision Support Systems (DSS). The main purpose of a DSS is to communicate and manage information in an intelligent way, in order to help the user analyze a given problem from different perspectives and identify the best possible options. DSS has a greater efficacy in analyzing data relevant for decision making and it organizes and provides access to information quickly through a user interface. Currently, DSSs are used in a variety of application contexts, public or private, e.g., in the sectors of transport services, communication, financial services, and health care.
The purpose of this project is to research innovative methods for developing a new DSS able to manage activities in a container terminal in the best possible way. To achieve this aim, we investigate techniques that relate the three core components of DSS architecture:
  • knowledge-based management system;
  • model management system;
  • user interface system.